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Get Your Energy Back,
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Lose Weight Without Struggling!

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The Self-Love & Slimming retreat
& Support Programme that springboards you into slimming Easily & Naturally

  • Do you need time out to yourself to rest, recharge and rebalance yourself?
  • Are you struggling with tiredness and low energy levels?
  • Are you struggling with excess weight, or feeling stuck, not sure how to move forward?
  • Are you feeling the post-winter or covid-isolation blues?
  • Are you suffering with hormonal problems, or blood sugar issues?
  • Are you finding it hard to get off the couch and into the gym, let alone into your old clothes?
  • Are you confused by the offers of gyms, eating plans and weight loss companies?
  • Don’t know where to begin, to get back your energy, vitality, health & slimmer self?
  • Or perhaps you have never had the opportunity to be slimmer, and you don’t think its possible for you?

Well it is! And it's EASY.

Yes, that’s right – Easy. It's EASY to regain your energy, vitality and slimmer self. . No struggle, no difficulty! That’s IF you know HOW to work WITH your body and not AGAINST it – like most exercise and weight loss plans do.

If you are struggling with being stuck in your life, with being overwhelmed, overweight or over it, then this retreat programme is for you.

This retreat programme is about relaxed transformation. It is for you to take time out and focus on yourself for a while, and to take the opportunity to remove any obstacles that lie in your path to success.

It is designed to provide the space you need to find and clear these mental, emotional, habitual and even spiritual obstacles in your path, so that you regain your balance within yourself, your emotions and, importantly, in your biochemistry too. This then allow you to bring your hormones and your metabolism back into balance, and into their natural fat burning state once again.

This retreat is about gently healing, transforming and releasing any old hurts or self-judgements, the release of which results in not just more energy, vitality and joy of life, but also lightness and freedom! The freedom to be our true and authentic selves.

This retreat will also empower you with the tools and knowledge to begin fat burning with ease.

We can't wait to have you join us!

This retreat programme is about lightening your load

After decades of stress, overworking, struggling to get healthy, overcome various issues ranging from abuse to depression, hormonal problems, and the crushing grief and loss of interest in life after the death of my daughter, I ended up dealing with enormous weight gain. I experienced daily shame, humiliation and frustration, and I wanted to gain control over my size my shape and my health.

I watched others try to slim down without lasting success, and I decided to find the answer to becoming light and slim in an easy, no-brainer, natural, effortless and sustainable way. I figured there MUST be a way to be naturally slim and healthy, so I set out to find it!

And I did! As a woman who has done this for myself and lost over 25kg, reversed hypothyroidism and insulin resistance (pre-diabetes), improved my health on so many levels, and maintained my new slim size for years; I will assist you to do the same!

I'm very excited to be able to offer this opportunity to you today in the 'Spring Into Slim' retreat and post-retreat support programme.

I can't wait to meet you and show you how easy it is to change for the better, how to live lighter and celebrate your positive changes with you!

Please book your chat with me soon, I guarantee you will be glad that you did!

Anika Brizuela

My simple concepts work to bring Balance to your mind, heart & body. The results are not just weight loss, they are also...

  • Joy
  • Hope
  • Energy Gain
  • Mood Stability
  • Healthy, satisfying libido
  • Reduction or Elimination of Inflammation
  • Better Body Functions - digestion, elimination, pain-free joints etc
  • And the best benefit of all: Balanced Hormones, bringing joy, juiciness and satisfaction back into your life; and adding many happy, quality years to your life!
Gwen Oliver

Mrs Gwen Oliver

Coffs Harbour

I contacted Anika because I was tired of being tired. and overweight And I was tired of not fitting into my old clothes, and I was frustrated by not being able to lose weight. I had tried to lose weight but I was pretty confused by all the weight loss ads. I had tried a few, but I’d go hungry, lose some weight then put it straight back on.

When I started putting more weight on than I had before, I decided enough was enough and I asked around, and Anika was recommended by a friend. From the first contact with Anika, I realized this was going to work. She checked with my body about what would be good for me, and what wouldn't work for me. How could that not work? I thought. And soon enough I began losing weight.

At first it was small things, like less swelling in my hands, feet, ankles and face. But that in itself was really nice! I started to see my anklebones and collarbones again too. Other people noticed too, which lifted my spirits and kept me going – especially through the times I didn’t lose weight. Anika explained to me why I should be patient, and what would work, and how, so I kept doing what Anika and my body showed me I needed to do, and it was easy.

I honestly can say I was never hungry, starving or craving unhealthy foods! I've now 'used up' 15.5kg of fat, and I'm ecstatic! I can fit back into some of my old clothes and I'm really happy. My husband, son and daughter have all noticed my changes and are happy for me. They have even asked if they can do what I am doing, so they can lose a bit of weight (they’re both a bit heavy). It is so easy, to eat the way Anika showed me how. Seriously it’s a no-brainer. It wouldn't have been possible though, without the mental, emotional and energy healing we did. I was sabotaging myself, only I didn't know it.

Now I'm moving ahead and nothing's going to stop me! My hope came back and I'm almost back to being who I was so long ago - light and free. And that feeling is priceless. If you want to feel better, have energy and have hope and joy again, don't wait! How much longer do you want to wait to live again?  Time is really precious.

To anyone looking to lose weight, get energy or reverse sugar issues, I would recommend you talk with Anika - she has so much knowledge, experience and wisdom to help get you back on track again, and she has an enormous and compassionate heart.

Gwen Oliver
Teacher, Coffs Harbour, NSW.

Meet Anika

Anika is multi-talented and highly-skilled Intuitive & Spiritual Healer, and a professionally trained and broadly-experienced Health Therapist and Kinesiologist, who has been gently assisting people to heal for over 30 years.

Anika enjoys facilitating healing for others using her extensive knowledge of many varied healing therapies ranging from physical healing and rehabilitation through Traditional Chinese Medicine methods, herbs and supplements, emotional and mental healing, kinesiology, NLP, EFT all the way through to energy healing and past life healing, in a gentle, caring and supportive way and empowering her clients towards their health and happiness, with excellent results.

She gained the nickname 'Wonder Woman' from her fitness trainer the first time she lost 30kg in her 30's and reversed hypothyroidism.

Anika Brizuela Wonder Woman
Anika in pink2

The Transformation Queen

Known as The Transformation Queen, Anika routinely transforms the lives of others with her intuitive kinesiology and energy healing skills, the same way she has transformed herself more times than can be counted; in very profound ways.

She suffered from many varied hormonal issues like PCOS and fibroids, and cycles out of sync, from a young age. She also experienced super stressful corporate work then shift work combined with jetlag as a flight attendant. This, plus the daily stresses of life became compounded by medical trauma and the enormous grief at the loss of her newborn daughter, but she never stopped trying to find the way to heal herself.

Anika has transformed her infertility to fertility, her hypo (under-functioning) thyroid to normal thyroid function, from pre-diabetic insulin resistant to normal insulin function, from PCOS to PCOS-free, from fibroid diagnosis to fibroid-free, from near death at a blood pressure of 60/40, then to 180/120, and back to normal.

She has moved from suffering mini-strokes (TIA’s) to normal brain function, from suffering with Sheehan’s Pituitary syndrome to being Sheehan’s-free, from caffeine, sugar and carbohydrate addictions to being addiction-free and from a size 20 to a size 12, and much, much more.

Mentally she has transformed from co-dependance to independence, from an employee to a successful, self employed business woman.

Emotionally she has transformed from a victim to not just a survivor of abuse but a non-reactor and non-attractor of it, as well as freeing herself from emotional eating, love-addiction and absolute mountains of emotional pain, and galactic levels of stress.

She can help you do the same.

After being told all of her life she was fat and needed to lose weight, and after decades of struggling to gain control over her size and shape, all the while watching others try to slim down without lasting success, Anika decided to find the answer to becoming light and slim in an easy, no-brainer, sustainable way that would last – and to do it to please no other person but herself.

She could see there was no point starting a weight-loss program that wouldn’t work. In fact it seemed to make things worse for people!

Having tried different forms of weight loss that tried to force the body to 'lose weight' Anika decided to use her therapist training to discover ways to make the body 'burn up' the fat itself! After many years of research, experimentation, trial and error and frustration - finally, joy!

She discovered how we can help our bodies burn fat automatically, and naturally. She has done this for herself and lost over 25kg both in her 30’s and after childbirth. She reversed hypothyroidism and insulin resistance (pre-diabetes) and maintained her new slim size easily for years.

She also used all her extensive knowledge of mind, body and spiritual healing techniques to help her along the way to beat emotional eating urges.

A great benefit was her improved nutrition levels, and results were noticeable in the improved condition of her hair, nails and skin.

She’s now ready to offer this to you!

This retreat is designed by Anika for you! Anika will guide you to achieve your own goals for yourself, and rediscover and abundance of energy, joy and vitality, and of course, your new slimmer self.

Anika Brizuela Slim Retreat

She discovered how to burn up fat naturally, and how to improve her health and hormonal balance at the same time. Win-Win!

This is a retreat with a difference - as well as a relaxing & enjoyable experience, it's a pathway into a new life for you.

As a kinesiologist, a therapist who works with the body, and not against it, during the retreat I will share with you my secrets of working with your body, mind and spirit, and harnessing your natural, internal power to burn up excess fat - your natural abilities that all weight loss plans seem to want to keep secret from you!

I will show you how to move and shift your body into its natural fat-burning mode. Very few people know how to harness the immense power our bodies have for healing themselves.

There are also many hidden, invisible reasons why a person stores fat in their body – invisible mental, emotional and spiritual reasons – and unless these invisible self-sabotages are discovered, addressed and put to peace, the body continues to store fat.

The Programme begins a week before the retreat with an online session to prepare you mentally, emotionally and physically to losing your excess fat; and to the idea of being light and slim once again.

During & after retreat we will do group & individual transformational work

At Retreat we will do individual as well as group transformations, leaving old hurts, beliefs and patterns behind. You will also form close connections and friendships with others on the same journey to their authentic, lightweight selves; in this self-love and fat loss programme.

The retreat does not end there. It is important to begin using your new habits and methods at home, so I have designed this programme to continue for 6 weeks with online sessions to support you in using your new skills daily and to answer your queries as you go forward, continuing your transformation into your new size and shape, and towards better energy and health.

I want to make sure you have all the support you need to use these new tools regularly for your continued weight loss and outstanding health and vitality once you get back home; and so the Self-Love & Slimming Programme continues with a 6-week post-retreat support programme to ensure you are supported and guided through the times you take the new information back home and begin using it, to ensure you overcome any little bumps along the way.

Anika in pink2

My hope is that you will allow yourself the time &
allow me the privilege of your attention, to show you the path back to
the very best You that You Can Be.

If you want more energy, more fun, more lightness through slimming, the easy way - without forcing or fighting with your body; call now for a chat and join me for a joyful retreat programme in which we support each other to easily regain our balance, our joy and our love of life and living!

Come learn the Tricks, Tips & Tools That will revolutionise your life!

  • Fast Results!

    Start slimming straight away

  • Easy Slimming

    Easy Slimming

  • Craving Free

    The weight loss programme contains foods as well as custom made remedies to eliminate cravings and speed fat loss

  • Full Support Programme

    Provided before and after Retreat to ensure your success

  • Community Support

    Connect and share your journey with others on the same journey

  • More Energy, Vitality and Health

    More joy and a longer, happier life to enjoy! Inspire others with your success!

Testimonial Pic #1

Mrs Merrilyn Bristol


I came along for the relaxation and connection with other ladies, really, not for the weight loss, but a week after the retreat, doing what you suggested, I started to notice significant differences in my body. And in my moods.  I noticed my hands lost their swelling and I was able to get my old rings back on! 

Other things are changing too. I realized I stopped making 'that' noise you make when you get older and you try to get off the couch! And I feel better each morning. I'm taking myself out for walks now too, which is new.

I'm starting to feel how I felt when I was younger. It really IS amazing! I feel like a different person. I didn't know what I was missing! I can't wait to see what other great changes come along. Thank you so much Anika for sharing this with us, and for encouraging me to keep going. I'm really glad I did! 

Merrilyn Bristol
Retail Store Owner, Toowoomba, QLD.

What's Included

  • Starts 24th March 2022
  • Online Preparation Session
  • 4 Day Retreat (24th - 27th March 2022)
  • Individual Transformational Sessions
  • Group Transformational Sessions
  • Luxury Accommodation at Aquila Rainforest Retreat
  • Private Chef Prepared Gourmet Meals
  • Meals to Springboard you into Fat Burning
  • Programme Guidebook with Eating & Habit Support Plan
  • 6 Weeks Post Retreat Support Programme
  • Private Facebook Ongoing Support Group

places are Strictly limited for the
March retreat.

please book your enquiry chat early
to avoid disappointment.

Welcome to aquila
Your Luxury Rainforest Retreat

Aquila Retreat Above

Aquila Retreat is the Ultimate Luxury group accommodation in Beautiful Buderim on Queenland’s Sunshine Coast

The name Aquila is Latin for ‘Eagle’.

Aquila Retreat was powerfully designed to align with the Aquila, or Eagle, constellation on the celestial equator.

In Greco-Roman mythology, the eagle represents the bird that carried Zeus/Jupiter’s thunderbolts.

In spiritual terms, the name Aquila holds great reverence, and is a reflection of leadership and wisdom at the highest level.

Located High on the Hill in beautiful Buderim, elevated 180 meters above sea level, just 8 minutes from Mooloolaba Beach and 11 minutes from the Sunshine Coast Airport,

Aquila Retreat is a Boho-Luxe Rainforest Retreat and mansion with stunning views, set within almost 10 acres of grounds, all for your exclusive private enjoyment.

The Sunshine Coast’s ultimate luxury accommodation, Aquila makes a magical ‘complete destination experience’. In the ultimate location with the best possible facilities for groups seeking quality time together.

Aquila Retreat Reception
Aquila Retreat Atrium

Aquila’s designer luxurious interior fit-out, guest inclusions, and ancillaries are superior. Newly renovated, this boho-luxe emporium sleeps people in absolute luxury.

Brand new Hypnos Balmoral beds in every room, luxurious Saya toiletries for each guest, Bonnie & Neil Cushions, exquisite candles, layers of designer books and sumptuous furnishings, have been thoughtfully curated to provide a pre-styled ready to entertain environment that is second to none!

The beautiful owners and managers at Aquila look forward to welcoming participants of the 2021 Spring Into Slim Retreat Programme in August, for the transformation of their lives!

Vicky Napier

Ms Vicky Napier


Thank you so much for everything this week! Thanks for allowing me to have the most amazing, life changing experience from you at the retreat! My changes have been totally amazing! I can't believe I'm leaving as a different person! I can't tell you how valuable it's been for me and I thank you from my heart! I had so much fun, and I feel so good going home with all this knowledge. I can't wait to come to your Autumn one next year and bring my Mum and Sister – they need this! So, so, so much love to you!

Vicky Napier
Admin Assistant, Brisbane, QLD.

Your Private Chef

Introducing Ms Ona Klova
Your 1-Michelin Star Chef


Chef Ona Klova began her professional career as an apprentice chef in Noosa Heads, before moving to Brisbane and then to Europe where she enjoyed many years’ experience with a number of families in private residences in Monaco, Zurich, St Moritz and Beverley Hills and also time on a luxury yacht.

She continued to develop her skills over many years as Head Chef in a variety of European restaurants and Australian luxury resorts; which culminated in the position of Head Chef in a 1 Michelin Star Restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland.

Ona now runs her own Personal Chef Business on the Sunshine Coast. Ona’s culinary journey has come full circle with her return to Noosa Heads, where she is happiest, making and serving some of the finest food to discerning guests.

We are privileged and happy to have Ona as our Personal Chef de Retreat, and she eagerly awaits you at the Retreat to share her love of food with you!

Pink Photo Party Flyer (1)

Your Guide to automatic fat burning

You will also receive your personal

Spring Into Slim - Guide to the Automatic Fat Burning Method

This Guide contains:

- All you need to know about how to burn fat easily whenever you want to. It will outline what you can expect to happen and what all the new changes in your body mean. It shows you how to support yourself year in and year out, to lose fat when you want and how to maintain your new size and shape.

- A list of powerful over-the-counter herbs and supplements you can use to support you in your slimming process. Herbs and supplements that help balance blood sugar levels, cravings and the all-important mineral balance your body needs, in order to convert and burn fat consistently.

- A range of recipes you can use to begin feeding yourself with amazing, delicious foods, and reduce or eliminate cravings for unhealthy foods.

- Special Techniques you can use to re-programme and centre yourself to stay balanced and keep moving easily towards your goals.

- Reflections and advice from my own life, as well as that of previous participants, on how best to integrate these new recipes and methods into your life, as well as that of your family’s life and your life with others who share the same home and kitchen with you!

- The Guide also contains a comprehensive list of Questions and Answers from previous participants of this method, for your learning and empowerment.


Anika's Message to you

Anika Brizuela Slim Retreat

“Transforming and releasing our obstacles, our hurts and our self-judgements literally lightens us up, and helps us stop emotional eating, like numbing, protecting or punishing ourselves with food and substances.

This brings back balance to our minds and hearts and importantly, to our body’s biochemistry. This gives us great freedom! Freedom to be our Authentic Selves, to shine our light, undiminished by any person or experience, past or future; and to allow that amazing Wonderous Woman we often hide away inside, to shine her light even brighter and with more confidence!

We need our women, ourselves, our sisters, mothers, auties and friends; to be their full, authentic Wonderous selves! I hope you will join me on this easy and empowering journey to uncover your true and authentic self, to embrace your amazing Wonderous woman within – and without!

I look forward to meeting you and I’m super excited to be able to offer this opportunity to you to launch into easy slimming today in the 'Spring Into Slim' retreat and support programme. I can’t wait to see and celebrate your changes with you!”

 Bring a supportive friend or loved one & continue supporting each other
After the program.

places are Strictly limited for the
March retreat.
please book your enquiry chat Early
to avoid disappointment.

Super special offer for 2022:

Holiday Voucher

book your retreat & enjoy a 6-night holiday travel voucher worth up to $1,200 FREE!

Book your spot before 30th November 2021 and get a FREE 6 Night Holiday Voucher worth up to $1200!

This holiday is for you to use anyway you like. You can treat yourself to some well deserved time out,  take a friend or the family!

Quality destinations available all around Australia, as well as overseas.

* Please Note: Vouchers are emailed once payment for retreat has been finalised.

Every Booking Goes Into The Draw To Win One Of Two Thermocookers Valued At $499!

Book Now & Go into the Draw for 1 of 2 Thomson Thermocookers, Valued at $499, to support you in your slimming journey!

*Please Note: Draw is conducted at the end of Retreat and the winners are advised via email and telephone. Freight/postage to the winner is at the winner's own expense.

Thermocooker 2 (1)
Sandra Milson

Mrs Sandra Milson


For those who believe in natural healing, I'd recommend Anika's services 150%!

For those who are suspicious or sceptical, I'd recommend her services 200%. You have nothing to lose and only so much to gain! Let this be the little push you require to make your first appointment.

I'm so thankful I acted on a 'word of mouth' recommendation from a friend and booked my first appointment with Anika (through Skype - don't let distance be a barrier).

My body was failing me, even though I was nourishing it with healthy food choices.

Chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, anxiety and severe panic attacks debilitated me to a point where I was housebound. I didn't want to pursue 'conventional' medicated options, that many were suggesting. There had to be a better way!

I'm a firm believer that every problem has a root cause. I'm not interested in the 'band-aid' temporary solutions offered by so many health professionals today, but instead in finding the root cause and dealing with it. I had many imbalances, but equilibrium is being restored.

Along the way, Anika has taught me that 'self-care is not selfish', and I work on that one daily.

Anika is amiable; empathetic, yet professional; gentle but firm. Thanks so much for your help and guidance Anika!

Sandra Milson
Farmer, Gippsland, VIC.

Spring Into Slim - Self Love & Slimming Retreat & Support Programme - Special 2022 Price

$1,897 $1,297

For More Details or To Secure Your Spot, Please Book Your Chat:

Price Includes full retreat attendance, all sessions, luxury accommodation, all meals, guidebook and six week follow-up programme.

*Easy Payment Plans Available

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